Thursday, November 19, 2009

Velvet Dream

This is just a short post not about our stuff. Just wanna share my thoughts.

I received an e-mail by Miss Velvet D on her new blog shop, Though I don't know how she get my e-mail, I'm glad she did. I thought it's gonna be a typical accessories blog shop but the moment I clicked on their website, I directly fell in love with their Bohemian Native.

Bohemian Native

Aren't they cute and classy and beautiful? As a December baby as I am, I love their turquoise Bohemian Native! And it's cheap too. RM30 only. The mix color is stunning too. And I cannot help to daze over this piece of necklace.

Two Become One

Awww. Ain't it sweet? Since most if their item is restockable, you don't have to worry much about it's availability. I haven't shop at their site yet but I definitely will later. ;)

Check them out: Velvet Dream

P/s: Velvet darling, link us!
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